About Me

Hi There! How are you? lyn duranteThanks for dropping by and reading through my blogs. It is my pleasure to have you. If it interests you, I want to tell you about myself and why I started this blog.

Perfectly Imperfect Mum

First off, I am a mommy to two adorable little girls who have shaken my world. I used to be a very organised corporate career woman who plans effectively ahead of time and loves to stay productive at work. You can say I am a control freak then. But this changed when I started as a full-time stay-at-home mum. It is a whole lot of challenge. Juggling house affairs, making sure the kids are healthy and happy as well as finding ways of earning online. Most of the time, it is so easy to lose focus in the midst of an everyday busy life. Thus, over time, I find ways of letting go of some things and activities to focus on what is more important.

Lucky to be Given the Second Chance

While my kids are a personal source of inspiration, the journey has not been easy. I underwent depression and some soul-searching moments. In fact, delivering my second baby almost took my life where only blood transfusion saved me. Eight bags of lifeblood at that. It was a normal childbirth but my three specialist doctors said I had an internal bleeding which they cannot figure out the cause.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to be alive! I realised ultimately – there must be some purpose left for me to accomplish. And with this second chance, I will try my best to enjoy life while I can.


Why I Opened My Blog

I am sharing my journey so others can relate and find inspiration. Initially, I started to write so I can have an outlet for all my unchanneled thoughts and unexpressed feelings. Thus, I started my blog Love Letters and Thoughts three years ago. However, I was not able to write regularly because I want to focus on nourishing my youngest while she’s young, as well as, help my eldest in her first years into formal school.

Now that they are a bit older, I am able to schedule some time now for blogging. This time, I am using my name as my own domain LynDurante.com. This is after considerable deliberations taken. My explanation too is at the bottom of this page.

I opened up this site, not so I can boast, but to uplift readers that life can be surreal if you just allow it to be. I did not grow up affluently. But my passion and happiness have always been around travelling, photography, arts and crafts, and all things inspirational. All these connect me with my inner child and significantly bond us together as a family. Documenting here our travels, food reviews, our migration journey and other fun stuff happen to be my way of staying grateful for the blessings and opportunities I enjoy.

Eventually, now I can attest that dreams do come true. How? When successful people tells us to start with the imagination. It sure is the first step. Second, persistence – it’s what make things happen. Third, when the going gets tough, remember that life’s pain and fame are never forever as everything will pass. It is this acknowledgement that I say – Faith makes everything possible.

 “It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.” – Abraham Lincoln

And this is exactly what this blog is all about – a Travel and Happiness Blog called Lyn Durante. Translated as Beautiful Moments in Time. Lyn is the short form of Lynda meaning “beautiful”  and Durante meaning “during” from its Spanish word translation.

Did you know?

Writing an About Page had been a struggle for me. Not that I don’t know myself. But exposing myself to the public has been a huge battle inside. Even putting a picture in my gravatar or social media accounts still make me think twice. What’s more? Using my name for a domain to this self-hosted WordPress site still give me a headache on how I can undo it. I am definitely not a narcissist. I am exactly the opposite. However, owning myself is necessary to stay true to myself and believe that I am made for a purpose.

I don’t believe I am perfect. But it’s my flaws that set me apart. I’m a work in progress and am happy with that; so I can make room for improvements.

Nevertheless, I affirm to myself – I am Lyn: I’m beautiful. =) And so are you! Yes, you! We all are beautiful in our own way. Always remember that!

So then I leave you with a quote by Ilan Shamir –


Advices from a lake:

  • Be Clear
  • Make positive ripples
  • Look beneath the surface
  • Stay calm
  • Shore up friendships
  • Take time to reflect
  • Be full of life!

Why this quote? Because according to Welsh ancestry “lyn” means “lake”.

Thanks for reading! Hope you feel at home here as you navigate and follow my blog.

Wishing you all the best!

xoxo Lyn Durante



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