4 Reasons to Visit the Buddha at Sellicks Hill in Adelaide

In my previous post, Tour South Australia, I have said that there are still a lot of places in this southern state of Australia that I haven’t explored yet despite 5 years of living here. Thus, weekly in my blog, I hope to share to the world the silent grandeur of Adelaide.

This time, I will tour you to the most scenic drive we have had going to the newly built Buddha statue in Sellicks Hill.

  • See the Hills come Alive

01 Sellicks Hill South Australia

On the road, I can’t help but be in awe at the green scenic scape of the hills and valleys surrounding us. 02 Sellicks Hill South Australia

The photos here are from a road trip we had last October. Spring months here in Oz is September to November, yet it would be equally impressive to pay a visit here even if it is currently autumn here in South Australia every March to May.

03 Sellicks Hill Road South Australia 3

So when we were able to find a shoulder on the road, or an emergency lane to stop by, we grabbed this chance to not only breathe in fresh air but also marvel for a few minutes the beauty of the place.

07 Sellicks Hill South Australia

  • Learn while you Marvel at Nature

03 Sellicks Hill South Australia

My kids can’t help but enjoy the view of sea meeting the foot of the valley. They even said, “Mum, now we realise how rain water travels to the ocean from the hills through the rivers or in between valleys.”

20 Sellicks Hill South Australia

  • Meet a friendly Sheep

Also, directly below us, or past through the border are herds of sheep enjoying their snacks of fresh grass mid morning.

04 Sellicks Hill South Australia - sheep 1

I like how this sheep actually looked up on us and waited for me to capture a photo of her before going away. She surely isn’t camera shy!

06 Sellicks Hill South Australia

Now it is time to head back to our initial aim – to get to the Buddha.

  • Be Rejuvenated at the Temple

08 Sellicks Beach South Australia Buddha 1

How to Get There

The address to be exact should be 27 Cactus Canyon Road, Sellicks Hill, Onkaparinga, South Australia 5174. It is an approximately 1 hour drive from the Adelaide Airport. Unfortunately, it is not possible to come here by Bus or Train. A car rental would be an option.

Reaching here you will see the back view of the Buddha and the gate. But you have to drive a little bit further to find a car park and the second gate – entrance to the place.

09 Sellicks Beach South Australia

Above is an unfiltered view coming out from our car. Isn’t it stunning? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment.

10 Sellicks Beach South Australia Buddha 2

The Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple of Australia

The area is still undergoing development but is already becoming a promising tourist drop in especially if you are going to or from a trip down south the Kangaroo Island.

12 Sellicks Beach South Australia Buddha 4

This place initiated by the Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple of Australia, is already giving us a quite interesting experience where you will see some buddhism symbols every where. Such includes the lotus flowers, dharma wheels and parasols being present in their statues, structures and incense burners. All symbolises purification of body, mind and spirit, enlightenment and notions of wealth (from: viewonbuddhism.org).

13 Sellicks Beach South Australia Buddha 5

The ambiance really live up to the theme aimed to become the buddhism retreat for visitors.

11 Sellicks Beach South Australia Buddha 3

As a matter of fact, the 18-meter tall buddha statue here is said to represent the goddess of mercy, which would bring “peace, harmony, prosperity and wealth”.

14 Sellicks Beach South Australia Buddha 6

The buddha statue is actually overlooking the water. The photo above is a perspective to the left overlooking the cape or cliffs of Warabari.

15 Sellicks Beach South Australia Buddha 7

Meanwhile, to the right is a view of the northern part of Sellicks Beach stretching towards the Aldinga Beach.

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16 Sellicks Hill Road South Australia


There isn’t any hotel where you can walk by at the moment, except for the Victory Hotel at Old Sellicks Hill Road (a 5-minute drive from the Buddha statue) which you can book via Booking.com for Sellicks Hill accommodation.

Another good option is to book for nearby Airbnb homes.

But it would be interesting to come back with amenities being offered soon. According to Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple of Australia, they do plan on offering an accommodation here in the long term. Initially, you can phone them for inquiries at +61 8 8556 3168.

17 Sellicks Hill South Australia - sheep 3

All around, you will see serenity and bounty. The photo magnified here are a bunch of sheep.

19 Sellicks Hill South Australia - sheep

The herds of sheep everywhere made me assume that we are already in New Zealand or Switzerland. But no, that is just my wishful thinking.

00 McLaren Vale South Australia

For now, it is time to head back home. And meantime, enjoy the McLaren wine region as we pass by in the above photo.

Food Options

If you have plans of taking a road trip here and you don’t have some picnic food ready. Don’t panic because each suburb that you will pass through have malls/bigger shops to drop by like the Aldinga Central along Aldinga Beach Road and the Centro Colonnades / Noarlunga Centre. There are even hotels and vineyards you can also drop in to for take aways or sumptuous meals.

You can also decide to grab some hot coffee or fish and chips from small shops at Aldinga Beach esplanade or along Port Noarlunga esplanade. Here then is a review of the yummy fish and chips at Jimmies Takeaway and Pizza we had along the way for this road trip.

Overall, I am proud to say that South Australia is one state in Oz that is known for its serene landscape, long stretched hills, grandest vineyards, secure parklands and white fine sand beaches. While it is a fact that Adelaide is not as populated as Sydney and Melbourne, it surely is the choice of people who loves a laid back peaceful family life.


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