To Build Wealth Over Time – Give Thanks

Today is another excerpt from a story I have read today at the library. Overwhelmed with numbers, goals, dreams and targets, this story perfectly reminds me to be thankful. There should be no room for complaining or fussing, just praise and thanksgiving especially for the opportunities, the gift of family and friends, as well as good health.

So here it is –

The story is told of a small business owner, who had arrived in the US as a young man, who still kept his accounts payable ledger in a cigar box, his accounts receivable on a spindle, and his cash in a simple cash register.

His son – trained in modern accounting methods and computerized spread sheets – said to him, “I don’t see how you can run your business this way. How do you know what your profits are at any given time?” The father replied, “Son, when I got off the boat, I had only the pants I was wearing. Today your sister is an art teacher, your brother is a doctor and you’re an accountant. I have a car, a home and a good business. Everything is paid for. So you add it all up, subtract the pants, and there’s your profit.

True enough – it is always good to stay grounded. In today’s world, it is easy to be swayed by a lot of things – dreams, goals, brands, achievements, social media, luxury and all sort of fuss. Most often we lost track or focus on the essentials like – personal development, human relationships, long-lasting friendships, good health, peace and happiness. All these are jewels in life that are worthy of thanksgiving.

So, today, forget about what’s lacking. Focus on what you have built over time and most especially for all that you have given away.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life – Henry David Thoreau

I thank you once again for reading my blog.

Lyn Durante


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