Why the Cheese Factory – Woodside Cheese Wrights Is A Must Visit

Woodside Cheese Wrights is a South Australian Cheesemakers Association established in the year 2004 by Kris Lloyd. This project is a valiant effort to rekindle Woodside cheese artisans’ former glory as being the leading South Australian cheese makers in the world for 58 years between the year 1919 to 1976. It is in this perimeters where cheese, butter, margarine and small goods are being produced by local South Australian farmers during that era. Thus, coming here as transient visitors is a delightful experience for us.

Woodside Cheese Wrights


When we intended to visit the Melba’s Chocolate Factory, we did not know that there is a cheese factory in Woodside SA. But there is just a short path leading to this gem from the entrance of the chocolate factory. So, you will not ever miss it when you’re here.

Woodside Cheese Wrights 01-min

Immediately, one can see the building in its original state, just repainted, standing for almost a 100 years old.

Woodside Cheese Wrights 02-min


Going inside, there is nothing much to see except gold…

Woodside Cheese Wrights 04-min

golden cheeses of a huge range. They have a wide range of cow and goat milk cheeses that are made from direct local dairy sources crafted with excellent control for milk quality. In fact, the number of Woodside Cheese stockists are growing. Here, they offer free cheese tastings whether you buy something or not, which is awesome!

Woodside Cheese Wrights 05-min


South Australia Products

Furthermore, other locally produced South Australian products are available for sale.

Woodside Cheese Wrights 09-min

I couldn’t be much prouder seeing all these handmade items. Imagine all the creativity and love put into all these products to produce a presentable and delectable yield!

Woodside Cheese Wrights 10-min

I can personally see and feel all these values from our visit and the cheese tasting. Thus, yes, we bought some Kris Lloyd cheese and products.

When we tasted them, oh so scrumptious. I used to be not much fond of cheese, however, I must confess, I love it now. Especially paired with their healthy gourmet crackers or biscuits and honeycomb, oh so scrumptious!

Woodside Cheese Wrights 11-min

Some of their cheeses are seasonal and are only made when the milk is perfect for each cheese style. Therefore, when you are in Adelaide Hills, make sure to visit here in Woodside, South Australia. Indulge both at the Chocolate and Cheese Factory, plus enjoy a local wine just a few meters away at Barristers Block. Believe me, these products will make you coming back for more.

How to Get Here from Adelaide City 

    • Car (1-hour drive via the South Eastern Freeway)
    • Uber or Car Rental
    • 2hr Public Transportation: Bus. See Adelaide Metro Website or Call 1300 311 108 for advice or detailed a map.
    • If you come here for a visit on a limited time, I recommend you come here by car rental and allocate about 3 hours overall for drive and tour, inclusive of the Melba’s Chocolate Factory visit.


22 Henry Street, Woodside SA 5244

Opening Hours

  • 11 am to 4 pm daily 7 days a week including Public Holidays
  • Closed every New Years Day
  • Website Woodside Cheese Wrights and Phone (+61)(08) 8389 7877

Adelaide Hills Accommodation

There is a limited number of hotel or accommodation in Woodside. However, elsewhere in the Adelaide Hills that are just a few minutes away from here are available. In fact, this place is just 15 minutes from the quaint German Village – The Hahndorf, where staying in B&Bs, or a hotel, family Tourist Parks and luxury villas are plenty.

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