Do You Know that Dreams Fulfil​ A Life Purpose?

Do you have that dream or hope within yourself that has been longing fulfilment? Is it bothering you for a long time? Or have you made a decision to just ignore it and stay safe because you don’t think it is possible to turn it into a reality? Perhaps you tried going after it yet you failed and you decided to not pursue it again.

I understand. Been there. Done that.

But what if I tell you that those dreams, hopes, longings and wishes are burning inside you for a purpose. And that it is meant to make you experience life in a different meaningful way.

According to Eleanor Roosevelt –

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

In fact, I can personally relate to this as I can still vividly recall twenty-two years ago when I wished I could have the chance to see other places in the world. Nothing specific, but just a mere wish that I wrote in my diary I said: “I wish to see how other people in another place, other than my home city, behave, talk, do things and think.” Fast forward and I have already visited 30 cities around the world and counting. Plus now, I am living in Australia as a citizen of the country.

All, by the way, did not happen by magic or by mere dreaming. Back then, I did not know how it will become a reality. But everything started with the desire and faith that it will come true. Second, the means to achieve it comes slowly as a blessing.

Therefore, believe that dreams are fuels of faith filled by God for you to make your heart desire for something good that will propel you to greater heights. For God doesn’t allow you to just stay and be still. He will take you on a ride that you never thought is possible if you allow faith to transform into action! Along the journey, you will discover that life is more than a routine and an accomplishment. It is an adventure in itself!

Oprah Winfrey succinctly said it with this quote –

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

And so I say to you – Your dreams have a purpose. It is there for you to discover your self, your core happiness and your creator’s plan. Explore it.

Make certain your heart’s desire. Turn “can’t” into “can” and a “dream” into a “plan”.

Life is short to be mediocre. Know what is it that makes you happy. What is it that burns inside your soul? Find it. Live it. Share it.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to share it. – David Viscott


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Hi There! Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog. I am Lyn, a mom to two adorable daughters, currently residing in Adelaide, South Australia. I have lived two countries, visited 3 continents and can't wait to travel more. Photography, arts, kids fun, family travels and all things inspirational delight me. I am not born affluent but I can attest that dreams do come true with perspiration and inspiration. Lucky enough to be given a second life, I don't want to waste my time not being able to create beautiful moments. Because what we do with our time is what we do with our lives. I hope I can inspire you in your life's journey.

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      My pleasure Ngobesing Romanus. I am happy to have imparted with you something out of this post. Cheers!

        • 26/07/2017 at 17:46

          Hi, Ngobesing Romanus. I have just read your blog post about your dream. It is indeed great! I believe you are already on this journey. May you be continuously filled with unfaltering inspiration as you advance towards this goal. Cheers!


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