Why You will Love Hahndorf, South Australia

Hahndorf is a state heritage area in 1988 by the Government of South Australia and acknowledged as Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. History says that German immigrants escaping persecution from Prussia arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia via the ship Zebra. Established here in this place in the year 1838, Hahndorf’s name was created in honour of Captain Hahn, the ship’s captain.

Hahndorf, South Australia in the Adelaide Hills

Hahndorf, South Australia

This place is never missed by tourists when visiting the state South Australia. Especially that there is a Bus regularly travelling here from Adelaide City. From the airport, this is only about 34km distance or approximately 30 minutes drive using the South Eastern Freeway.

There are multifarious things to love about this place. But for me and my family, here are the three reasons why Hahndorf is our favourite in the Adelaide Hills to hang out. Plus, our say on when is the Best Time to visit Hahndorf during the year.

1. Come to Hahndorf for its Food and Beverage

First, we come here regularly for the authentic German taste on food and beverage. In fact, a huge range of food is available here in various restaurants that will make you believe like you are already in Germany. Traditional sausages and platters like the Cheese Kransky, Bockwurst, Bratwurst, and Vienna Sausages are served with potato salad, mustards, sauerkraut and bread or pretzel.

Pork Hock and Bavarian Smoked Kassler Chop are a favourite here paired with locally brewed beers and wine. However, numerous food options for the family are also available like Ice Cream, Coffee, Waffles, Pancake, Fudge, Hotdog, Cheese and Cake.

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All are locally produced the traditional German way. (More food reviews in my next blog). Thus, foodie as we are as a family, it just made us all hooked up to having Breakfast or Lunch here. Plus, it is worthy to note that aside from German cuisine, Australian, American and Asian food are also available here. In fact, some gluten-free options are also offered.

2. Stroll the Stunning Village

After every heavy sumptuous meal, it is our routine to stroll around the main road to enjoy the picturesque village. Now that it is autumn in Australia, the trees put on a stunning dress up that rejuvenate people to have a walk.

Shops are unique in every way. Most of them offer genuine craftsmanship like the wooden cuckoo and grandfather clocks, Nutcracker and wooden toys locally made here.

Hahndorf South Australia Lyn Durante 1

Leathersmith, Jewelry Shops, Puppet Shop and Gift Shops alike.

Cafes and Restaurants make this place remarkable and worth the visit.

Not to mention the numerous beer crafts and wine that Hahndorf is known for. These are served in pubs, restaurants and accommodation here located just within this village. All just a short walk away from each other.

Nonetheless, this quaint town just lures visitors to come and have a lovely time.

3. Shop their Local, Organic and Unique Products

As mentioned, we just can’t ignore the multiple organic products this place has on offer. From fruits, cheese, to handmade products. Like this Hahndorf handmade Soap Factory:

The photo below shows our favourite organic fruits shop just along the road from Hahndorf village going out to the Freeway. They sell unwaxed apples and other freshly picked fruits.


Cars drop by here going back to the city, as well as Buses. This is actually Bus Stop No. 51 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf (south side).

Best Time to Visit Hahndorf

It is autumn currently in Australia commencing the month of March until May of every year. This is, again, the best time to see the hills dressed in different colours just like in Springtime (August to September).

However, coming here in Summer (November to February) is equally magnificent. The food, products and the lovely outdoors remain the best whatever the season of the year.


  • Getting Here: Bus, Car Rental
  • Distance: 34 km or 30 minutes drive from the city through South Eastern Freeway
  • Best Season to Visit: All Year
    • Autumn (March – May), Spring (September – November),
    • Winter (June – August) Summer (November – February)
  • Food: German, Australian, Asian, American
  • Accommodation Options in Hahndorf: Various Hotel, Motel, Camping Site, Apartment, B&B, are available at Booking.com or Airbnb. (These two links here earn you credit on your next stay at no additional cost to you.) For families, I recommend the Hahndorf Resort Tourist Park, though a bit far from the main village. For couples, stay at The Manna of Hahndorf. It is at the heart of everything in Hahndorf.



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