How To Be A Winner in Life in 7 Simple Steps

How to be a winner in life is a very good question to ask. Especially that life can be hard in a very competitive world today. But, you don’t have to compete. You just have to be sure of what you want and do what you can to achieve it.

I have read from Anthony RobbinsUNLIMITED POWER: The New Science of Personal Achievement, that in the earliest times, the fastest and strongest have the power because Physiology directs power. When civilisation developed, power results from heritage. The king surrounds himself with realm and others surrounding him derive power in association with him. During the Industrial age, Capital was power. Meanwhile, today that we are in the Information Age, having specialised knowledge is power.

So what does that mean and how to be a winner?

How to Be A Winner in 7 Steps

How to Be A Winner in 7 Steps

Having specialised knowledge means working on your personal talents and skills towards achieving your dreams.

You may want to be happy, successful, rich or famous. But how?

  1. Be certain with your vision or dream in life. Where do you want to be in several years from now? What are your goals? How does it look like? If a genie may grant you 3 wishes, which would burn in your soul and activate your imagination?
  2. Know your Why. Find out your priorities, the core people in your life and the indispensable truths in your life. Accept them and keep them close to your heart. They are the reasons that will keep you moving even through adversities. Stay focused.
  3. Take responsibility. Look at your potential and not your past. You don’t live in there anymore. God gave you talents to use and benefit others. Accept your uniqueness. Use your skills in connection with your vision and dreams in life.
  4. Live as if it’s the last day of your life. In fact, if the doctor tells you that you only have 12 months to live, what are the goals that you want to accomplish or the stuff you want to do?
  5. Do something now. Form a habit that will bring you closer to your dreams. The secret to success is by doing something every day that moves you nearer to your goals and vision.
  6. Live and Learn. Be a life-long learner. Life is a series of choices, failures and learnings. We learn by experience and we get better every time.
  7. Have faith and persistence as your friend. These two will never fail you in hard times as there certainly will. Remember, when this time comes it means you’re nearly there. Closer to your dreams. Have faith and persist.

I hope I am able to impart to you another insightful piece today. It is never too late to want what you want and to do something about it.



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