Best Fish ‘n Chips in Aldinga Beach, Food Review


In reference to my previous post about our road trip going to the Sellicks Hill, we made sure we will not be hungry in this exciting family travel. Foodies as we are as a family, we always want to check out any local shop, restaurant or cafes along the way. And, what was requested by my children this time is – fish and chips! T’was such a great suggestion that eventually led us to love a place we visited for the first time but definitely not the last.

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Jimmies Takeaway and Pizza Review

I was envisioning ourselves to eat by the beach. Thus, when I saw on google map that a local shop is just actually across the seaside of the Aldinga Beach, we put in our GPS the address 103 Esplanade, Aldinga Beach SA 5173. That is – Jimmies Takeaway and Pizza.

Jimmies take away and pizza in Aldinga Beach SA

Seeing their menu online assured me that there are Fish and Chips available as requested by my little bosses. However, we were not quite sure if they are open during a public holiday. We could have phoned them at (08) 8556 5676 but we just tried our luck. True enough, they are open 7 days a week even on public holidays from 10:30 am to 9 pm. What a relief!

Arriving there, we were the only customers just yet at 10:45 am.

Food Review

We ordered the most requested – chef’s seafood platter. That includes a huge portion of salt and pepper squid calamari, battered fish and crispy fried potato chips. A slice of lemon and a small sauce cup of mayo was also given.


Oh so yummy! Well, here is my detailed review of the food:

Fish and calamari were crispy and sizzling hot including the potato chips. We do like it that way as we ate them under the chilly and windy conditions at the park. (It is our personal choice though. Otherwise, you can dine inside their shop for convenience.)

Battered fish and calamari tastes fresh and well cooked as per my taste buds approval. Well, we have tried seafood and chips from a bunch of different shops almost bi-monthly or more, so we know now how to differ a good fish from an overly frozen one.

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Chips are not too salty or greasy. Well done. Meeting our preference.

The regular size was substantial (can serve 2-3 people). The photo here did not do much justice as most calamari was under the fish. As a matter of fact, we were expecting one takeaway plate to be good for one person, but it turned out to fit me and my two daughters. We even had some left over fries to cover our road trip. My husband was happy to have another one full serve just for himself.


Overall, the service was good – quick and friendly. And the place is clean, organised and has a sizeable space for dine-in customers.

So, they just got me and my family looking forward to dropping by again when we’re just close by.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal independent review of the shop and I am not paid or in any way related to the owner(s) of this business.


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