Our Traintastic Experience at the National Railway Museum Australia

The National Railway Museum or train museum in Port Adelaide is claimed as Australia’s largest railway museum with over 100 exhibits representing State, Commonwealth and private railway operators. Visiting here is fantastic as it will take you on a journey into the railway history of Australia.

National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide

  • Address: 76 Lipson St, Port Adelaide SA 5015
  • Phone No: (08) 8341 1690
  • Website: www.natrailmuseum.org.au
  • Opening Hours: 10am – 4:30pm
  • Price / Entrance Fees: Adult $12, Children (3-5yo) $9, Family 2 adults/3 children $32

Port Dock Railway Station is the former name of this National Railway Museum in the early years as this place used to be a functioning railway station.

Fast forward to the present time, this is now the largest Train Museum in Australia. Known for its annual “Steampunk Festival”, it gets crowded with children and adults alike every winter.

National Railway Museum Australia Port Adelaide 9

There is live entertainment, stalls, art exhibitions, steam-powered robots, and 19th-century fashion inspired by renowned authors Jules Verne and H.G Wells in their books History of Science Fiction. So coming here is always interesting any time of the year.

Blog: Our Visit to the National Railway Museum

It was an exciting visit as it was our first time to visit this museum. Seeing a lot of trains since the early 17th to 19th century was fantastic!

My kids got all hyped up especially that they love Thomas and Friends the animation.

So seeing all trains still in fabulous condition, kids love climbing into the drivers’ cabs for some make-believe play.

National Railway Museum Australia Port Adelaide 6

I personally love going inside the train cabins to see and feel the olden day’s voyage setting.

National Railway Museum Australia Port Adelaide

There are interactive displays that help you get lost in time. Really helpful and informative!

Meanwhile, the famed “Tea and Sugar Train” of the outback – complete with carriages,

National Railway Museum Australia Port Adelaide 3

the restaurant and even a butcher (animals were slaughtered and prepared during the trip) is a must see.

National Railway Museum Australia Port Adelaide 4

There is a miniature railway too. Take a ride on a modern mini diesel train around the perimeter of the museum to see all the trains housed here. It is free or part of the entrance fee ticket.

National Railway Museum Australia Port Adelaide 11

Lastly, the place is even available for functions and birthday parties at what is called the Cafeteria Car. Check their website for more details.

Overall, for us, our experience here was a hit!

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