Our First Beerenberg Strawberry Picking in Hahndorf

In our lifetime, we haven’t get the chance to experience strawberry picking yet. Visiting the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm in Hahndorf South Australia is our first. It was exciting for us to visit here as, despite the fact that we often take road trips to Hahndorf, it was unknown to us that going further 1.3 km the town is a Strawberry Farm.

We love strawberries because in general, they are yummy. Furthermore, their health benefits are countless such that they help prevent or lessen symptoms of heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, allergies, asthma and even depression. According to medicalnewstoday.com, Strawberries are antioxidants and contain folate, potassium, manganese, dietary fibre, magnesium and vitamin C, thus, the advantages they give our body.

Beerenberg Strawberry Farm Hahndorf

So, finally, Beerenberg Strawberry picking by ourselves and exploring its vast farm is even delightful. You can see it in our faces.

Beerenberg Strawberry Picking

Before going to the Patch, one needs to go to the Shop to pay for entry fees and grab a plastic punnet that will approximate a kilo of strawberries when full. You can have more than one container if you envision taking more than 1 kilogram. What is even valuable to know is that you can eat some berries you freshly picked from the patches while the strawberries you put in your plastic container gets paid separately at $9.50/kg.

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Believe me, you cannot resist tasting them even if unwashed. They taste oh so deliciously sweet than when already in the box or as compared to those in the shops. My eldest daughter who is so picky with berries now loves strawberries in particular after our visit. Not only did the Beerenberg strawberry picking delighted her, the fruit is just undeniably scrumptious here.

Furthermore, it is unbelievable how a strawberry farm can offer much more things than just strawberries. They also sell gourmet seasonings, dips, seasonings, condiments and tourist gift packs that are made here in their manufacturing warehouse and farm.

They offer world class products that put South Australia on the map as a Fine Food and Wine capital. Chefs around the world know this and they can attest that Beerenberg is another name for fine condiments and jams.

When we get here, no wonder there were a lot of visitors.

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From now on, we will have something to look forward to going – Beerenberg Strawberry Farm.

Beerenberg Strawberry Farm Hahndorf

That is aside from exploring the Adelaide Hills wineries and quaint towns of course.

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