Goodbye Autumn: The Partridge House Garden in Focus

While at the Partridge House in Glenelg, South Australia, I can’t help but be sentimental. The cold air and the falling leaves seem to put me in such a mood.

Partridge House Garden in Glenelg-min

When the winds of change blow, remember – sometimes what appears dead is simply preparing for another season.” – Jane Lee Logan

Autumn in Australia: March – May

Partridge House Garden, Glenelg-min

It is autumn in Australia between March to May every year. One week left as of this writing and the cold wintertime starts. It is also a time when the colourful leaves on the trees start to fall.

Fall at Partridge House-min

So, as I bid farewell to May, I keep my memory full of wonderful images of Fall taken at The Partridge House in Glenelg.

Partridge House, Glenelg

The Partridge House, Glenelg-min

Built in 1899, this dwelling was made for Mrs Elinor Varley. She accommodated various prominent European settlers here in this house. Thus, when the property faced demolition in the year 1971, the Council acquired the estate and converted it into a community facility.

Partridge House Fountain-min

Presently, this heritage is a park established with a spring in the rear yard and an elaborate drinking fountain on the other side. Now, a charming keepsake to the area that is perfect for wedding, functions and outdoor parties. Leasing the rooms in the house is possible via their website.

My thoughts:

With winter coming and the fear of inactivity sets in, I will keep in mind:

“Even if you feel a bit rusty, always remember you are courageous and smarter than you think. Keep love in your heart, and you’ll soon be dancing down your very own brick road.” – Jane Lee Logan

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter-min


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