Salzbergwerk Salt Mine is Worth the Germany Bucket List

Salzbergwerk Salt Mine is a 500-year-old underground German salt mine in Berchtesgaden. Many mistakenly identify Berchtesgaden as a town of Austria but this quaint place still sits part of Germany in the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian border. Thus, reaching here you can transit either via Munich , Germany or from Salzburg Austria (Yes, not Australia, but Austria 🙂 Just in case it’s a bit confusing.). But most people also come here using Salzburg day trips or Salt Mine Salzburg tours.

Salzbergwerk Salt Mine in Germany

  • Address: Bergwerkstraße 83, 83471 Berchtesgaden, Germany
  • Phone No. +49 8652 60020
  • Opening Hours: Varies according to Season
  • Website:
  • Admission ticket costs: Euro 16.50 per Adult, Euro 9.50 per Child above 3 years old, Eur 39 Family

Salzbergwerk Salt Mine Austria Germany Berchtesgaden

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Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden

Normally, salt is made from the sea using sun evaporation, right? However, the salt from Berchtesgaden is extracted from an underground cave! Making this visit to the Salzbergwerk Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden very fascinating!

Salzbergwerk Salt Mine Austria Germany Berchtesgaden

Furthermore, there are a lot of interesting things and perhaps first-experiences that you will relish here. In fact, dressed in a miner’s clothing, each visitor here enjoys rides on a train, a funicular, a raft and slides. Thus, definitely worth writing on your bucket list.

Salzbergwerk Salt Mine Austria Germany Berchtesgaden

To start with, going into the mine, one rides on a little mini train after wearing a mining uniform. Exploring underground and on water under the cave, is quite an adventure and definitely safe for all ages. The cave tour and light show was truly impressive.

Salzbergwerk Salt Mine Austria Germany Berchtesgaden

However, my favourite part of all, was when we get to slide down a funicular raft rather than taking the stairs!

Unfortunately, I was not able to retrieve my images from the CD for this one. Except for a single group photo which I had to edit for I haven’t asked permission from my friends if they like themselves shown publicly. 🙂

Meanwhile, if there is one travel inspiration I can relate this German salt mine experience to is – “Travel is more than seeing of sights. It is a change that goes on deep and permanent in the ideas of living.”


Overall, this taught me how amazing human ingenuity is and splendidly beautiful nature is.

Every thing here in Salzbergwerk is well set out, entertaining and informative! Definitely worth the bucket list when you are in either Germany or Salzburg, Austria.

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