Things To Do for an Ultimate Getaway to Port Elliot South Australia

Port Elliot is a charming town in South Australia located on the south eastern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

There are various spots to explore here in Port Elliot SA that will surely entertain people of all ages and personality. Either you come here for an overnight stay or just driving in for a day will make you want to come back again.

Things To Do in Port Elliot, South Australia

So, where to go first? I recommend you go straight to the Horseshoe Bay, Pt Elliot for some breathtaking beach views. Then set your Day 2 itinerary for a stroll along quaint streets in the heart of Port Elliot.

Thus, here are some things to do if you plan on heading for a beachfront leisure:

1. Take the Maritime Heritage Trail at Horseshoe Bay

A leisurely walk along the shore of the Horseshoe Bay proves to be one of the must things to do in Port Elliot South Australia. Why? Doing this can indulge you to South Australia’s rich history of migration and its development while enjoying nature at its best.

Port Elliot South Australia - Horseshoe Bay Maritime Heritage Trail

It is quite interesting to know from this self-guided Maritime Heritage Trail, that this place used to be the docking area for boats coming from Europe and serve as the immigration gateway for people living in the Adelaide Hills.

Furthermore, you would know here that over a hundred years ago, several ships have capsized due to strong winds and currents. Shipwrecked Josephine Loizeau, Lapwing and Flying Fish are some of the ships identified. In fact, deep divers and swimmers are forewarned that some remains of the boat might pose some hazards. So some precaution is advised.

Port Elliot South Australia - Little Sisters little island

Meanwhile, take your time in marvelling at the Little Sisters (little island) and Pullen Island that you can see across the waters. Don’t forget your binoculars! You might be lucky to see the dolphins and some seals playing around.

2. Play at the Beachfront or Playground

For young families coming to Port Elliot on a holiday or short weekend getaway, a dip or play at the beach around the Horseshoe Bay is not to be missed, weather permitting.

Moreover, if you have one or more energetic kids with you who wants to let off steam, the play areas near the shore are a haven for kids.

Port Elliot South Australia - Park near the Jetty and Flying Fish Cafe

You have two options for this. One is near the Flying Fish Cafe just before you reach the Jetty. The other one is on the grass area near the west side of the car park going to the Port Elliot Holiday Park which has a giant play swing, round about and picnic facilities.

Port Elliot Holiday Park - South Australia

3. Fishing at the Jetty

Speaking of Jetty, what do dads do best when on a beach holiday? Fishing (and barbeque). So, make sure you bring your fishing gears coming here as catching a fish can be a very memorable father-daughter or father-son bonding.

Port Elliot South Australia - Jetty and Breakwater

The Jetty is a strategic place for this as you marvel at Little Sisters little island where seals and birds come to rest.

Port Elliot South Australia - Pullen Island Sanctuary

4. Grab some Food at the Flying Fish Cafe

Flying Fish Cafe and Restaurant is named after one of the ships used by European immigrants to South Australia as identified in the heritage trail. This cafe is very strategic, as this is located in Horseshoe Bay’s beachfront and next to the Playground before the Jetty. Car Parks are available as well so you won’t miss this place.

Make sure to grab something to eat before setting on a walking trail to the Rocky Bay cliffs.

5. Rocky Bay Walking Trail

Oh, this one is a must! In fact, I recommend that in case you’re just dropping by, never miss the opportunity to see a spectacular ocean view here like no where else.

Port Elliot South Australia - Jetty and Rocky Bay Trail


It will not be surprising, if you opt to relax on their benches for a while.

Port Elliot South Australia - benches overlooking Horseshoe Bay

Because you may really want to assimilate the beauty of nature overlooking the Lady’s Beach below, the Sisters (little island), the Breakwater,

Port Elliot South Australia - Breakwater

the whole view of Horseshoe Bay and the Jetty.

Port Elliot South Australia - Jetty Ladys Beach

Staying here is a bliss! Forget about other stuff. Come and take your time. =)

Port Elliot South Australia - Rocky Bay Esplanade

Whales, dolphins, seals and birds are some of the magnificent creatures you might spot in the waters.

6. Visit the Obelisk or Freeman’s Knob

Further up the Rocky Bay is the Obelisk or sometimes referred to as Freeman’s Knob as encrypted in the obelisk itself. It is a structure built in January 1852 which used to have a blue flag that could be seen 15 nautical miles out to sea. This is used as a guiding point to get ships into the harbour.

If you are staying at the Port Elliot Beach House YHA, you’re just at a starting point for a fantastic walk leading down the Rocky Bay area.

Port Elliot South Australia - Rocky Bay cliff

Overall, I am pretty sure that you will love Port Elliot even if you’re just visiting here for a day. However, I do recommend on staying here for a night or two and take on the heritage walking trail along the Strand and North Terrace where the shops, some town hotels and more restaurants are. (I will share this with you in my next post.)

Where to Stay at Port Elliot

Such that, if you are planning to stay overnight or more here, it is a guarantee that there are a number of accommodation options available for all types of travellers. Families, groups and backpackers alike can choose among holiday rentals, caravan parks and the backpackers’ hostel. Then you have enough time to accomplish all that is on your list of things to do in Port Elliot South Australia.

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Getting Here

Getting here is an 80 km drive by car which takes about 1.5 hours in duration from the Adelaide Airport or from the city.

Tap directions icon for accurate illustration on getting here from your location:


Port Elliot South Australia - Things To Do Adelaide

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