Too Busy Fussing? Take the Time to Pause

Today I have read a very meaningful excerpt from the book – A Coffee Break with God. I just can’t help but consider sharing this with you all. The title of the story is – Fussing Away Time.

Without delay, here it is:

There was a dear old lady from the country who was going on a railway journey for the first time. She was to travel about fifty miles through an interesting and beautiful region and had looked forward to this trip with great pleasure. However, once she boarded the train, she got busy with a lot of things. It took her so long to get her baskets and parcels right, her seat comfortably arranged, the shades and shutters right, and keeping herself feel better from anxiety about things she might have left for this trip. When she felt satisfied about everything, ironically, the train called out the name of her station!

“Oh my!” she said, “if I had only known that we would be there so soon, I wouldn’t have wasted my time in fussing. I hardly saw the scenery!”


A story like this is a succinct reminder to us all about how busy we can easily be especially with our daily routine and duties. The question is – have we ever taken the time to be still, marvel and praise life for all its wonders?

Continuing to fuss with things left behind yesterday and things yet to do tomorrow robs us of the joys God brings to us today. Therefore, make sure to take the time to be thankful.

Ponder on it. Write it.

Life is Short.

Thanks for reading.


Lyn Durante

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