Sharing To You My Aha Moments – Twitter Tips for Beginners

Hi, everyone! How are you? Today I would like to share with you bits and pieces of Twitter tips for beginners.

Are you on twitter? Me, I created an account two years ago with the sole intention of following local News tweets for updated happenings and for advisories like traffic and weather. My friends aren’t on twitter so you can expect that I had zero followers.

However, six weeks ago, I decided to link my WordPress blog to it. Why wouldn’t I, when WordPress has made this feature available for every post? Have you noticed this? If you haven’t, check the Sharing tab on your right while drafting a post. It is under the Post Settings.

My Twitter Journey

Twitter for me is scary especially that tweets are public not as compared to Facebook and Instagram where you can choose to be private with some of the posts. I guess it’s one feature why some personalities, bloggers and businesses love it. One tweet can possibly make you a sensation with a viral tweet.

Yet in my experience and despite this feature, it is still hard to get a number of followers and views desired unless you’re already familiar with how it works. It is in this regard, that I hope to share here my recent aha moments – when one of my tweets hit 1,302 views in a couple of minutes and my followers doubled and counting. (See screenshot of one tweet and its statistics.)

Did you know that I only had 23 followers when I uploaded this tweet? The next day I saw my followers count jumped to 40. I know it doesn’t seem to be a lot but to compare it with my first 5 weeks of posting stuff on twitter, I experienced having only 1 follower during the day and sometimes none. So, you bet the 23 followers were hard earned. I even had the shock of my life when a pornographic account followed me. I blocked it of course. After that, I am careful enough already to scrutinise every notification.

They say one can buy Twitter followers these days, and I respect some people if they do that for a reason. But for me, I want to make sure that I am in the circle of people with similar interests. Thus, yes I do spend some 15 minutes a day on Twitter to check my notifications and see if my blog posts had linked well.

Anyways, without further ado, I would like to share now some tips and tricks on how to increase your Twitter followers for free.

(Disclaimer: I am still not a Twitter expert and I haven’t been a hashtag sensation but I surely learned how Twitter works through days of hard work.)

Twitter Tricks and Hacks:

If you already have a Twitter Account, you can skip to reading Twitter Tips for Beginners and Twitter Hacks to Increase Followers no matter how distant in the world.

Setting Up for Beginners

  1. For those of you who don’t have an account yet on Twitter, sign up at their homepage. You will be asked for your Full name and Phone number or Email, plus password. Click checkbox if you agree with Terms and Conditions then Sign Up. 
  2. After hitting the Sign-Up button, you will be asked for your preferred User Name. Sometimes your preference is already taken. Don’t worry, you can use your blog name or other forms of your name. You can decide to add some unique prefix like “the, im, itsme”, or maybe other letters or numbers to create your unique Twitter @theUserName. Symbols not allowed.
  3. After that, you can change the display name to that you wish after setting up. For example, you registered @ImBlogName. If you click the Update Profile Page button, you can edit it to show just BlogName.

Profile Hacks

  1. Upload a profile photo and a cover page that speaks well of you and your blog. Remember, you can’t expect for new followers to read through your bio and your posts immediately. Unlike in WordPress when you get to read blogs first then you follow, on the other hand, with Twitter, they will try to decide through your profile picture and cover page first. And by this, I DON’T mean you have to have the best pose and smile every time. What I am conveying is use a photo that best represents you and your blog. In fact, you can also use your logo as a profile.
  2. Let your cover page speak volumes. If you can find a way to write on your photo the mantra or tagline of your blog on it before uploading, it would be better. (You can edit photos using apps like Photo Grid.) Doing so people would know that your blog is about travel, lifestyle, psychology or health and fitness.
  3. Next to making sure you are giving out a great headline is a clear bio. It is a description of your blog or yourself and what is your blog about or perhaps what are your interests? Give it a shot!
  4. Immediately after setting up your account, you will be asked to send your first tweet to the world. Good luck!

Twitter Tips for Beginners

You know how one of my tweets reached about 1,302 views? Here are simple Twitter tips for beginners:

  1. Use related hashtags for your post. That’s number one. You would see the latest trending topics for the day on the left panel. If you click one of them, you will know what’s currently happening locally and internationally. If one of your blog posts happen to relate to some of these tags, feel free to tweet and link to send traffic to your blog.
  2. However, it is very hard to always keep track of these tags to use in your tweets as you never know what’s gonna happen the next day. What I did is visit and check the most popular hashtags. Now, every time I publish my travel blog posts every Tuesday, I use the #TravelTuesday hash. With this I am assured of reaching my targeted audiences.
  3. Second, join a community via their twitter account where you can hashtag your tweet and reach a like- minded group of bloggers. As for me, I found “Travelling Moms” on Twitter. Whenever I publish a travel blog, I use #TMom to share my post to this group. It was really helpful.
  4. If you can upload a related feature photo with your tweet, nice! It would enhance your tweet shareability. Make sure to tag it with appropriate accounts if available or using the hashtag. Like when I upload South Australia photos, I use #SeeSouthAustralia or tag @SouthAustralia for it. How did I know it? This is on their twitter account. It is their official hash.

Twitter Hacks to Increase Followers for Free

  1. Most of the time, if you tweet related contents with proper hashtags, your message is sent to related people too in the online realm.
  2. Twitter is a follow for a follow medium. I just realised this from listening to a podcast in youtube about social media. They also said that if you follow an account on Twitter and they don’t follow back within 3 days, it is an unspoken language that you can unfollow them as they might not be interested at all with you; unless they are a public figure, a business icon or a well-known celebrity. So, if you follow more people, chances are you also increase your followers.
  3. Lastly, tweet regularly. If you’re blogging daily, then don’t worry. Because if you have activated your sharing options, your posts are tweeted every time you publish.

That’s all folks.

If you are truly interested in learning more in detail about Twitter, do grab this Free eBook: Essential Twitter Techniques here from my friend who gave me permission to share with you all.

Twitter Tips and Tricks

Thanks for reading! I wish you more success in your blogging ordeal.

Before leaving! #FridayFollow

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