The Ultimate Guide about Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia happens to be in summer where hot days start December and settles February. This is common to countries in the Southern Hemisphere. So hot roasted turkey and hot chocolate are not much served. In contrast, ice cream, fresh and cold salad, cold ham, seafood, fruits and cheeses as well as a creamy pudding with cold custard toppings are prepared.


Family reunions are delightful events for the lucky ones that have their extended families around. Meanwhile, gathering among friends with their families replace a migrant’s need for connection and festivity in this holiday season.

Christmas in Australia

Therefore, when gathering during Christmas in Australia, venue varies according to tradition per family. Some host a cookout in the park or on the beach. Family and friends contribute BYO food, beer, wine and gather with smoking barbeque.

Christmas in Australia

Public parks and beaches here provide easy and fair access to barbeque facilities to everyone. That includes free electricity at that.

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Meanwhile, a quick cleanup is expected to whoever uses them. However, most hosts bring their own portable barbeque sets complete with coals and matches. So they can choose their own spot.

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On the other hand, since most traditional reunions are held in grandparents or in a daughter’s / son’s house, barbeque and outdoor dining set up are held at the backyard while children are having a dip in the pool or playing games together.

Child-Friendly Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia is greatly focused on children.

Christmas in Australia

Christmas pageants or Christmas parade are held month-long in most state. They make up every Australian Christmas tradition. The communities gather and showcase their talents in music or dance through a parade, all dressed up in costumes. While spectators wait, children get the once-in-a-year chance to draw on roadways using coloured chalk.

Christmas in Australia

When the parade starts,  everyone enjoys to see the different themed floats that conclude with Santa, fondly called here as “Father Christmas”, waving at everyone from his float.

Christmas in Australia

Also, Father Christmas listens to children’s wishes and opens his cave and Santaland for a photoshoot when December starts.

Christmas in Australia with Father Christmas

There are free play areas for children showcasing different sponsored children’s activities like colouring in, nerf gun shooting area, lego blocks making tables, locomotive train ride and all sorts of kid’s play. Some places made this available for a fee.

Christmas in Australia

Lastly, I say Christmas in Australia is quite child-friendly. Because even in holding religious activities, such as the mass, they think of children’s welfare by having two time-schedule. A Children’s Christmas Eve mass is held earlier like on a 6pm or 7pm. The other one would be on a traditional schedule – midnight Christmas Eve mass or the Christmas Day mass. A children’s mass is shorter, with children get to dress up as angels and shepherds, while traditional ones are longer.

Christmas in Australia

Overall, Christmas is for children and child-at-heart alike.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will not find it under a tree.

Thus, I wish you all a happy memorable season to make up a great treasure to last the whole year coming 2018.

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