Wishes Do Come True! Stay Positive

Last Thursday – 14th of September, my daughter was ecstatic to have one of her wishes come true! After 3 years of wishful thinking, she finally gets to enjoy Grandparents’ day with her grandpa!


Since her kindergarten years three years ago, she has always wished to have her grandparents join Grandparents Day Celebration held every year at school. However, being family migrants to Australia, this is one thing that is not always easily possible considering strict requirements for visas and a budget to allocate for the travel. But again I am telling you that there is really no harm in dreaming big.

There is nothing impossible if you just believe. We may not know when our wishes come true, but they do in God’s time. With goal setting, prayers and positive vibes, dreams can be fulfilled. However, each road to fulfilment is not easy. Along the way, there will be obstacles and trials, but if you don’t give up, success will come.

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The problem with dreaming is – if you give up when struggle comes, you won’t know that you are actually very close to it.

Don't Give Up

Don’t Limit Yourselves When Dreaming

Moreover, sometimes when dreaming, we limit ourselves within our fears. Often times people say – “dreams only come true to those who have the money or to those who are born affluent”. Excuse me but I beg to disagree. I myself can attest that my parents were born without a dime literally and were not even able to finish high school. Nevertheless, all of us six siblings finished school and became professionals.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears.

And your actions louder than your words.

Secondly, when my husband and I started dreaming of migrating to Australia, we did not have savings even until we left. But we were able to reach Australia because of friends who trusted us and whom we did not expect to lend us money.

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In fact, when we arrived here in Adelaide 5 years ago, we only have one month worth of cash all in all. A stranger couple even helped us live in her house for two weeks for free until we finally moved in our own rented house.

All these are true! When you have a dream, God sends angels to help you fulfil it.

So now I tell you –

Dreams always seem impossible at first until one tries. It is not going to be easy, but it’s always worth the try and persistence. If money is a consideration that hinders you to dream, that’s false thinking. Remember, the only limitation in this world is that which you allow to limit you.

Therefore, Dream and Wish No Matter What!

Live in the moment every day. Never forget to be grateful each time even during tough times. These are the secrets to a good life!

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Thank you for reading!

Lyn Durante

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