World Solar Challenge 2017 in Australia

It has been a great privilege for us yesterday to experience the future of cars at the 2017 World Solar Challenge‘s culmination activity in Adelaide City, South Australia.

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This is actually a bi-annual event that started over three decades ago inspired from Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkin’s 23-day journey around Australia on their first ever solar car – Solar Trek, the Quiet Achiever.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017


They drove 4000 km from Perth, Western Australia to Sydney, New South Wales on 7 January 1983 making them the first in the world to make a continental journey on a 100% sun-powered vehicle.

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Five years later, 1 November 1987 became the first World Solar Challenge where twenty-five solar cars from eight different countries took the challenge to drive 3000 km from Darwin, Northern Territory all the way to Adelaide City, South Australia. This remarkable journey became even more fascinating with a first female winner driver emerging from the race – Molly Brennan.

This year 2017, is the 30th anniversary of the World Solar Challenge held between 8 to 15 October, where forty-six teams from twenty-five countries worldwide take part in driving their very own, originally designed and manufactured, solar-powered car.

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On another blog post – List of Countries in the World Solar Challenge 2017check out the marvellous inventions of each team that participated in this challenge. We were privileged enough to interview some of them about their race experience and especially their building preparation for this activity.

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In my next blog, I will share with you my realisations and why I am looking forward to these solar-powered cars to be mass manufactured and mainstreamed. Note that I am not talking about electric vehicles. But rather, really 100% Solar Powered Cars.

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Overall, I and my kids were truly in awe of this spectacular show especially because we know that this is the future.

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I even told my kids that it will no longer be for long when they in their generation will be driving these environment-friendly cars.

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Moreso that wrist watch phones and eyeglasses that enable calls, music, internet and video recording are already in the manufacturing stage and mainstream. This just demonstrates that technology has exponentially advanced already over the decade.

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